Strategic Planning

We lead collaborative planning exercises aimed at creating a shared vision and future direction. We engage communities and organizations in participatory planning exercises to explore, articulate and define the strategies and actions needed to achieve desired goals and outcomes. Based in research and best practices, we work with our communities and organizations to identify internal and external challenges, impediments, and opportunities to enable the development of creative strategies to move forward. Using our facilitation expertise and range of tools and methods, we work with our clients and communities to dig below the surface to better understand the organizational and system structures that are getting in the way of coordination and integration.

We take an Appreciative Approach to our strategic planning process; meaning we look at the challenges and use them as opportunities. We draw on the positive activities, practices and processes that have worked despite obstacles. In using this approach, we focus on the best of what exists, and aspirations for what is desired, and look at the changes needed in this context.

We take a collaborative approach with clients to build on local expertise and knowledge to identify values, aspirations and priorities. We also take plans further into action by developing implementation, monitoring and evaluation tools as part of the strategic planning process.

Our Approach

Establish collaborative planning framework

Conduct research and establish contextual baseline

Lead broad outreach and facilitate meaningful dialogue

Identify internal and external strengths, challenges, impediments, and opportunities

Establish shared vision and direction

Develop and co-create creative strategies to move forward

Foster momentum and excitement for action

How Can We Help?

  • Confirm strategic planning goals
  • Establish collaborative strategic planning framework
  • Identify stakeholders and engage in meaningful dialogue
  • Facilitate effective meetings that bring the project team and stakeholders towards a shared vision and principles
  • Guide the development and co-create of strategies and actions