Outreach & Engagement

We design, plan, and facilitate a wide range of consultation activities aimed at engaging people in the development of meaningful solutions to community challenges. We engage groups and individuals from all levels of government, businesses and organizations, community service providers, and individuals from marginalized population groups, to the wider community.

As part of our commitment to collaborative planning, our team takes a human-centred design approach to engagement and facilitation by ensuring the people impacted most are at the centre of the consultation design. Our team uses a wide range of both traditional and innovative techniques, in-person and digital, tailored to suit the needs of a particular group. Each initiative is aimed at facilitating an approach that brings out the unique experiences of stakeholders so that targeted solutions and decisions can be achieved.

Engagement Methods

J Consulting Group engages stakeholders through a range of unique techniques and creative approaches designed carefully to meet the needs of a project. Engagement methods can all be planned and constructed to be in-person or digital depending on the particular needs of clients and communities.


One-on-one conversations to gather contextual and strategic insights, perceptions, and advice

Focused & Unfocused Groups

A deep dive exploring diverse opinions and insights on issues impacting range of stakeholders

Workshops & Design Labs

Interactive, large group forums to work through issues and collectively co-design and co-create solutions

Open Houses & Town Halls

A forum for gathering people’s viewpoints and discussing issues, as well as sharing information on a particular project or topic

Kitchen Table & Coffee House Conversations

Small, informal conversations to deepen understanding and explore opinions on defined issues


Gather data, assess needs, gain feedback, and collect opinions by phone, mail, in-person and online

Pop Ups & Idea Boards

Simple and fun interactions with residents, partners, and stakeholders to solicit feedback and viewpoints

Digital Meetings

Gathering people virtually using a range of platforms and tools to share information, engage and dialogue on questions, brainstorm ideas, and define direction

Walking Tours

Interactive approach to engage feedback in local planning and development

How Can We Help?

  • Create meaningful engagement processes
  • Engage people in discussion and dialogue
  • Encourage participant creativity
  • Build supportive relationships
  • Generate ideas and convert into vision, policies and plans, and achievable projects